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  • PIE Video presentation

The Challenge

The client was interested in obtaining Government funding for a project they called PIE (Precision Information Environments). PIE is a combination of theoretical cutting-edge software and hardware that would revolutionize the operation of Emergency Response Teams. In other words the client needed us to create a video and interactive touch display that visually detailed the functionality of software and hardware that didn’t yet exist.

The Solution

Alacazzam! Stepframe wrote, designed, directed, filmed and produced a five minute video presentation that explicitly demonstrated how this fictitious hardware and software would be used during a forest fire emergency. Using green screen technology, desktop interactive programs, animation—and a little tape and chewing gum—we were able to simulate an emergency response team utilizing this software across a multitude of city departments. Then we created an interactive touch display program that allowed users to experience some of the software design first-hand.



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