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  • Five 30' Commercials
  • Enter-to-Win Contest
  • Microsite

The Challenge

Gesa was interested in leveraging the negative “big bank” reputations by creating a series of television spots encouraging unsatisfied “big bank” customers to switch to Gesa. They needed a strategy and a multi-faceted campaign to hammer the message home—all with a relatively small budget.

The Solution

Stepframe wrote, filmed, directed and produced 5 local television spots we call “Ditch & Switch.” We hired a goofy actor by the name of D.C. Douglas to play a smug “big bank” bully for each spot. Each commercial tells the story of an unhappy customer breaking up with their big bank for greener pastures. The commercials direct the audience to a Ditch & Switch microsite where customers could learn how to switch banks and enter prize drawings. This successful campaign was finished on time and within budget.

The Breakup


Kicked Out of the Band

Dog Runs Away

Kicked Out of the House


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