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  • Interactive touch screen game & animated sales video

The Challenge

The Army was ready to upgrade the engines of the M1–A1 Abrams Tanks. They were given the option of choosing between two products; a Honeywell Engine or an alternative engine. Honeywell wanted some ideas for their upcoming trade show booth that would draw customers in and provide key selling points to reinforce the advantages of the Honeywell Engine. Honeywell had only three weeks to find an impressive and attention-grabbing solution.

The Solution

We pitched several strategies that could be achieved in the short time frame allotted. Ultimately, Honeywell chose the most challenging (and most effective)—an interactive touch screen game with a corresponding high-impact animated sales video. The object of the game is to use a touch screen to get two M1–A1 Abrams Tanks to their destination successfully in under two minutes. As the tank travels to its destination, informational pop-ups appear to reinforce the sales message. To draw in the crowd and emphasize the messaging, we created a secondary display with animated video to live alongside the game. This project was completed on time, on budget and was very well received.



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